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NAFTA: Free Trade vs. Fair Trade


Bananas in the Sun! Spring Fairtrade Event at Nottage Primary School, Porthcawl

Sustainable Wales supported Nottage Primary School to create a fun Fairtrade event on 12 March 2014 to bring the good message of Fairtrade to parents and children.

Nottage Primary is an active and popular Fairtrade School in the Fairtrade County of Bridgend. To receive Fairtrade status a school needs to show its commitment by using Fairtrade products as far as possible, learning about how global trade works and why Fairtrade is important and taking action for Fairtrade in the school and the wider community.

On a bright spring day, the Sustainable Wales Smoothie bike was pedalled enthusiastically to make delicious banana smoothies powered by pupils.

Dressed as a Fairtrade banana and a teabag, Sustainable Wales volunteers Sian Williams and Amber presented a wide range of Fairtrade goods from Sustainable Wales’ sister organisation the ethical shop SUSSED. Promotional materials were provided by the Fairtrade Foundation and through a friend of Sian’s Divine Chocolate kindly donated chocolate bars for the event. The chocolate was eagerly consumed and purchased as waves of parents and pupils enjoyed something different at the end of the school day. We’ll definitely need more chocolate bars for the next event!

Thanks to all the volunteers, children, parents and teachers who made this fun event happen!

Are you a school and would like to host a similar event? Get in touch!



World Fairtrade Day 2013

Fair Trade will be celebrated on 11 May 2013 in diverse places and cultures across the globe. Various events are organized in more than 70 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America and Pacific Rim. Leading the celebration are members of the World Fair Trade Organizations (WFTO) that have pioneered Fair Trade for more than five decades.

wfto-poster_middle_east_cc.jpgThe World Fair Trade Day is an initiative of theWorld Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) that takes place on 11 May 2013. It is a worldwide festival of events celebrating Fair Trade as a tangible contribution to the fight against poverty, climate change and the economic crisis that has the greatest impact on the world’s most vulnerable populations. A third of the world’s population lives on less than two dollars a day. The global crisis confirms the need for a fair and sustainable economy locally and globally. Trade must benefit the most vulnerable and deliver sustainable livelihoods by developing opportunities for small and disadvantaged producers. Millions of producers and traders, business and policy makers, supporting organizations and volunteers have contributed to the substantial growth of Fair Trade.


Fairtrade Foundation hands in Make Food Fair petition at Number 10

Ahead of World Fair Trade Day (11 May 2013), the reality TV star helped hand in petitions to 10 Downing Street jointly signed by more than 75,000 people highlighting  the important role that the world’s 500 million smallholder farmers can play in feeding the world’s growing population. 

On 09 May 2013 a group of Fairtrade campaigners and Made in Chelsea star Cheska Hull took the petition personally to No.10 Downing Street…

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· People in the UK drank 2 billion cups of Fairtrade coffee, ate 1.3 billion bananas and drank 3.2 billion cups of tea in 2012!

· Britain leads the world on Fairtrade.  The Fairtrade system currently works with 1.24 million people - farmers and workers - across more than 66 developing countries 

· 78% of people in the UK say that recognise the FAIRTRADE Mark (source: TNS 2012) The FAIRTRADE Mark is the world’s most recognized ethical label, according Globescan research conducted our behalf in 2011.

· 80% of people say it is important to them that companies contribute to poverty reduction and community development, according to Globescan researchconducted our behalf in 2011

· Fairtrade accounts for 10% of all tea sold in the UK , just over 27% of all roast and ground retail coffee is Fairtrade certified and  12% of chocolate confectionery sold in the UK is Fairtrade certified.  In the Hot Chocolate category, over 70% of sales are Fairtrade certified.

· Globally, Fairtrade producers received a total of approx 53 million GBP as additional Fairtrade Premium in 2010-11