Bridgend Local Energy Group

Bridgend Local Energy Group

Bridgend Local Energy Group

Bridgend Local Energy group supports community energy initiatives in the Bridgend Borough of South Wales.

Currently we are working with partners investigating a renewable energy powered community transport service, and campaigning with Sustainable Wales to urge Bridgend Council to declare a climate emergency and action plan.

We can be contacted via the usual Sustainable Wales contact form.


declaring a climate emergency

Increasing numbers of councils and government bodies across the UK have responded to the escalating urgency of the climate crisis by declaring a ‘Climate Emergency’.

Today, Bridgend Local Energy Group (B-LEG) urges Bridgend County Borough Council to do the same.

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Pressure on governments is increasing. In May 2019, the Senedd took the decision to declare a Climate Emergency in Wales, adding to the growing list of towns and cities internationally. 

Some councils have specifically stated they want their authority to be carbon neutral by 2030. (Machynlleth was the first in Wales

A ‘Climate Emergency Declaration’ and supporting action plan would show that BCBC is committed to adopting strategies, policies and procurement processes fit for the future.

B-LEG member, Kris Evans said, “By adopting a Climate Emergency Declaration, BCBC would join other pioneering councils in leading the way.

“We simply cannot afford to hand this problem down to our children. By then it will be too late.”