We believe we were the first community-based sustainable development organisation in Wales.

The respected environmentalist, former teacher and activist Margaret Minhinnick and poet, essayist, novelist and translator Robert Minhinnick founded us in 1997.

Twenty years later we continue to be at the forefront of leading edge community based sustainable development thinking and practice.

Our focus has always been on community action, consumerism, co-operation, active citizenship, social enterprise and responsible stewardship of people and planet.

Achievements include:

Sustainable Wales has initiated a wide variety of sustainable development activities including:

 All Wales Activities:

·    Spearheading the Real Nappy Campaign - provision of a wide variety of campaign resources, media/awareness raising/training/network development. Currently WAG fund part-time officer working with Waste Awareness Wales, LA’s and NHS across Wales.

·     ‘Finding Our Voices’ 1 + 2 - All Wales conferences on Participatory Democracy

·      Write On! Series of breakfast seminars on office recycling and buying recycled paper

·    ‘From Here to Sustainability - Community sector training programme which introduced environmental and ethical policies and practices to organisations.

·     ‘Fashion Conscience?– Seminar on the unethical Fashion Industry

·      21st Century Living - Local Solutions to Climate Change Conference – Cardiff.


Publications include:

·       Simply The Best!’ - Encouraging people and environment friendly event /conference organising. Bilingual.(Adopted by the Welsh Assembly)

·       Write On!’– initiating a ‘buy recycled’ paper campaign in Wales. Bilingual.

·       Dumping The Diaper’ – Real Nappy Campaign Guide - English and Welsh.

·       Have I Got News For You’ - local groups campaigning and media advice. Bilingual.

·       Deepening Democracy’- a Civic Forum proposal for Wales drafted for Llais Cymru. Bilingual.

·       First Class’ – a guide to developing a school’s recycling policy.

·       Scarweather Inquirer’ – a reader-friendly information booklet on the proposal to build a large offshore wind farm near Porthcawl.

·       8x ‘Community Connections’ – a periodical magazine focused on sustainability issues (good and bad) in the borough of Bridgend.


Videos and DVD Production:

·       ‘It’s Time for a Real change’ Real Nappy Promotion (for new mums and midwives)

·       ‘It’s Time for a Real change’ Real Nappy Campaign (for councils and campaigners)

·       ‘From Radioactive Mines to Radioactive Bullets’ - Uranium pollution (used also in America)

·       Shine a Light? -  series of community films advocating democratising local renewable energy. http://www.sustainablewales.org.uk/shine-a-light


Local and replicable activity:

1. Real Nappy Development Officers in Bridgend, Swansea, Cardiff, Torfaen and Wales.

2. Community based Sustainable Development Officer- operating in Bridgend.

·       Production of Community Connections – series of magazines 12,000 copies widely distributed;

·       Fair trade, Farmer’s Market and local food network development and promotion;

·       Organised Sussed Café at Farmer’s Market;

·       Real Nappy Awareness;

·       Advancing green and ethical purchasing, supporting Sussed activities;

·       Organisation of 21st Century Sustainable Living Festivals;

·       Profiling climate change and sustainable energy;

·       Local community group and partnership development;

·       Helping groups develop SD policies and practices;

·       Feasibility into developing urban pocket parks;

·       Series of cultural/arts events;

·       Fundraising.


3. Plastic Bag-Free Bridgend Campaign Officer - working with local traders, farmer’s market and council, providing evidence to Welsh Assembly.


4. Development and Management of SUSSED Wales Community Cooperative – retailing local, green and fairly traded goods.


5. Development of ‘The Green Room’ - a cultural space.