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Richard Thomas

Areas of focus: Chairman, Project & Enterprise Development, Training, Citizenship

Richard started working for Sustainable Wales in 2002 and has maintained involvement since. With a degree in Philosophy, a variety of early jobs including factory worker and builders labourer, and a few years experience of travel and work in other parts of the world, Richard has latterly worked in local enterprise since 1997 and within the sustainable development sector in Wales since 2002. He currently works as an independent consultant managing a diverse portfolio of SD projects and programmes that includes the development of a national waste prevention and material re-use initiative, business development of a social care enterprise, developing and delivering training to wide-ranging audiences on 'sustainable living and active citizenship', and occasional involvement in creative arts side projects - notably music-film-poetry collaborations. Richard also helps run a micro-business (environmentally low-impact jewellery) with his family. Richard has an academic interest in 'futures' - environmental, social, political, economic, technological and moral. As a father, husband, brother and uncle, Richard believes that the legacy each generation bequeaths to the next is a key indicator of our success, or not, as stewards and transient keepers of our planetary home.


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