A kenfig Journal - a seasonal collection of essays around nature, history and the alchemy of life by Kristian Evans.

Letters From The Future - imaginings from authors Robert Minhinnick, Steven Robert Harris, John Barnie, Mike Jenkins, Harry Laing and Sampurna Chattarji.

Events, Culture and Performance

The Green Room has established itself as host for a range of cultural and topical events. It continues to expand with regular poetry open mics, performances, pop up Cafés, debates, swap shops and workshops. See our events page for updates on what's currently scheduled.

Arts For The Earth (AFTE)

A collective of artists working with Sustainable Wales. The concept of an individual’s ‘carbon footprint’ has become established. But we want to promote the concept of an individual’s ‘intellectual footprint’.  

Members represent artists from all walks of life and they have been sharing activities, performance and conversations together. Various ‘gigs’, poetry, visual art, celebrations, performances and fashion evenings have been successfully held in the community.