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PC Evans Reads at the Green Room 29 March

FRIDAY, MARCH 29. 8pm.

P.C. EVANS at Green Room, Sustainable Wales, 5, James St., Porthcawl CF36 3EP

All welcome! Croeso cynnes i bawb!

All welcome! Croeso cynnes i bawb!

On the last day of the Brexit process, Sustainable Wales is delighted to feature a EU-wide event.

Originally from Abercynon, PC. Evans describes himself as a “citizen of nowhere”.

Now based in Amsterdam, Paul will read his own poetry, written whilst living and working in that city’s Red Light district.

A strong open mic will feature Gerry Ray, with poetry about his life in Spain; while Paul Woodford, will provide a Brexit film.

Of course, there will also be pro-Brexit voices heard in this popular literary gathering. In 2016 the Bridgend constituency voted 54.6% to 45.4% to leave the EU.

Robert Minhinnick will read poems published during his tenure as editor of the international magazine, ‘Poetry Wales’.  Free copies will be presented to all who pay £4 entrance.

 A warm welcome to all /  Croeso cynnes i bawb.

Further details: 01656 773627