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Fabric, Wool and Haberdashery Fundraising Sale
to Jun 22

Fabric, Wool and Haberdashery Fundraising Sale

Fabric, Wool and Haberdashery Fundraising Sale,

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Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd  June 10.30 – 4pm, SUSSED, Porthcawl, 4/5 James Street CF36 3BG.

Calling all crafters, quilters, creatives and lovers of sewing and knitting.

Charity Sustainable Wales is fundraising to support SUSSED our ethical community shop. We are holding this fabric, wool and haberdashery sale either in James Street, weather permitting, or in The Green Room above SUSSED, Porthcawl CF36 3BG.

Can others help raid attics, clear cupboards and donate fabrics, wool, cottons and haberdashery items and bring donations to SUSSED in advance. The event is a chance to reinvent, recycle, reduce waste and support the green agenda.

Fairtrade coffee, tea and refreshments will be available.

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Public Meeting - Porthcawl Regeneration
7:00 PM19:00

Public Meeting - Porthcawl Regeneration


Porthcawl-based charity, ‘Sustainable Wales’, is holding a Public Meeting at 7pm, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 19, at the Y Centre, John Street, Porthcawl, CF36 3AP, titled ‘The Regeneration of Porthcawl’.

Guest Speakers include:

BCBC councillor Charles Smith

Porthcawl Town Councillor Alex Harris

Jessica King, Cenin Renewables

Simon Baston, DS Holdings

Chairs: Richard Thomas, Margaret Minhinnick.

The purpose of the talk is to examine plans for the future of the resort, stressing the importance that regeneration is based on principles of sustainability.

Brief questions from the floor are invited, and an informative occasion expected!

All welcome.

public meeting regen porthcawl 18  -2 alt.jpg
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20th Anniversary of Sustainable Wales Celebration
7:00 PM19:00

20th Anniversary of Sustainable Wales Celebration



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Sustainable Wales Cymru Gynhaliol is celebrating 20 years as the first Welsh NGO promoting sustainable responses to the cultural challenges we face. In celebrating this landmark we would like you to join us on a convivial evening of birthday cake, spoken word, music and film including poets Robert Minhinnick, Rhian Edwards, Kris Evans, music from Honey Peg with the Earl and Pearl Alive band (fomerly One Time Alive) and a clutch of other contributors to entertain and celebrate…

Thursday, Nov 16th – 7pm till late, Stage Door (downstairs), Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl. CF36 3YW. Bar available

Do you have images or memories of Sustainable Wales activities you'd like to share? email Margaret on

Eventbrite page for booking (free) tickets (opens in a new window)

More details to follow.

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General Election 2017 "Question Time" Porthcawl- CANCELLED
7:30 PM19:30

General Election 2017 "Question Time" Porthcawl- CANCELLED

The charity, ‘Sustainable Wales’ has CANCELLED its General Election hustings, due Porthcawl YMCA TUES. MAY 30.

The Conservatives decided not to participate. Because of this, the Labour party will not attend.

Apologies to all who wanted to participate in this democratic endeavor. Especially to Plaid Cymru, a party that was eagerly anticipating the hustings.




Previous listing wording:

Sustainable Wales is organising a General Election hustings to take place 7.30pm - 9.30 pm on TUESDAY, MAY 30 in Porthcawl YMCA, John St., Porthcawl CF36 3AP.

Questions will be wide ranging, but with local emphasis. They must be asked in person on the night, and sent by May 29 to

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Book launch & film ‘DIARY OF THE LAST MAN’
7:30 PM19:30

Book launch & film ‘DIARY OF THE LAST MAN’

Carcanet book and Park6 Productions film of the same name together.


7.30pm, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26, 

'Robert Minhinnick's new collection confirms his status as one of the most important poets of these turbulent times. Bleakly elegiac, environmentally political, vital and visionary, his poems cast an extraordinary light over our darkening landscapes.'
Carol Ann Duffy.

With guest readers.

Live music from Peter Morgan.

The opening poem sequence, 'Diary of the Last Man', sets the tone for Robert Minhinnick's book, a celebration of the dwindling Earth, an elegy, a caution. His Wales is a touchstone; other landscapes and cityscapes are tried against it, with its erratic weather, its sudden changes of mood, 'a black tonic'. The sequence remembers all the geographies of his earlier work, old and new world, but now unpeopled and the lonely spirit free to go anywhere, do anything, but meaning with mankind has drained away. Yet still alive, and still with language, registering. The rest of the book is filled with voices: of children, of rivers, terrorists, magicians; and voices translated from the Welsh, and from Turkish and Arabic, shared, enriching with their difference, their other worlds. History washes over and washes up on the strand of this Welsh book. It is seen and recognised, it begins to be transformed. In the long concluding poem, 'The Sand Orchestra', the poet returns to his own voice, and to the voice of a Bechstein piano abandoned in the open air, played now by nature, its winds and sand. The last man, who has been looking for Ulysses, is the very man he has been looking for.

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Public Meeting (Porthcawl) - Producing our own energy
7:30 PM19:30

Public Meeting (Porthcawl) - Producing our own energy

Register your interest in coming:



The event, organised by Sustainable Wales, includes guest speakers from Community Energy Wales, RENEW Wales, Cardiff University, IWA-Institute Welsh Affairs and Bridgend Council.

Bridgend Council Leader, Huw David, has also agreed to welcome the guests.

The meeting is being organised to discuss how some communities are taking back control of their energy systems and thus the potential of Porthcawl and Bridgend establishing community owned local renewable energy companies. A step towards economic renewal.

Wales and the UK lag far behind our European neighbours and some states in the USA regarding local energy production.

The scene will be set by a viewing of the film ‘Shine a Light’ which suggest that more support should be forthcoming.  The Porthcawl film was premiered in Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff and was produced and directed by Sustainable Wales and supported by Community Energy Wales.

Sustainable Wales suggests that all UK political parties commit themselves to locally owned renewable energy schemes. Politicians should acknowledge that such schemes are becoming significant in combating climate change. Importantly, these schemes also build more resilient communities, creating local jobs and new opportunities.

These ideas and others will be discussed by our guest speakers.

Speaking of the event, Director Margaret Minhinnick said:

“It is difficult to think of more important issues, tackling climate change and economic regeneration locally. ‘Shine a Light?’ is a beautifully made film, with a wonderful soundtrack. The speakers are experienced and committed to supporting local initiatives I hope local people attend.”


Additional Notes:

Producer, Margaret Minhinnick, Director Sustainable Wales says: “Shine a Light? supports the idea of democratising our energy supply, bringing ownership and profit back into communities whilst reducing climate change“. 

It contains images of the Cenin ‘renewable energy cluster’ at Stormy Down and Porthcawl’s iconic breakwater, rapidly becoming world famous because of its breaking waves.

Music is supplied by Twm Morys, singing traditional Glamorgan ‘tribannau’ to his own tune. It was recorded in the Minhinnicks’ bathroom and is yet another integral Porthcawl feature.

A key contributor includes former MP Alan Simpson, who describes himself as a ‘recovering politician’;. He has been an advisor to the Assembly’s Environment and Sustainability Committee, and commented:

“I think the UK debate has been wrongly focused on windfarms, fracking, etc. It is a question whether localities have: a) ownership of what is being proposed, and b): whether they are direct beneficiaries of the gains that come out of it.”

The film and also profiles practitioners who are amongst the real local heroes of renewable energy  production in Wales.

It illustrates the difficulties that communities have in developing such initiatives, and urges the next Welsh government and local authorities to rectify this. “

WLGA climate change projections**

** Welsh Local Government Association climate change projections suggest that if we don’t plan ahead extreme weather events will become more prevalent. The conditions outlined below are likely:

  • essential infrastructure (transport, IT energy, waste) may be compromised;
  • water and food supply may be disrupted;
  • risks to communities increase, especially among the elderly and other vulnerable groups;
  • economic productivity may be reduced due to flooding, high temperatures and transport impacts;
  • agriculture may suffer due to loss of soils, lack of water;
  • ecosystems services (flood retention, food production) may be degraded.

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Chapter Cinema screening & discussion of Shine a Light? film
4:30 PM16:30

Chapter Cinema screening & discussion of Shine a Light? film

Chapter Cinema, Cardiff CF5 1QE

Chapter Cinema, Cardiff CF5 1QE

Friday 6 May 2016 4:30pm free but ticketed event.

Shine a Light?, a  20 minute politically challenging film, supports the idea of democratising our energy supply, bringing ownership and profit back into communities whilst reducing climate change. Local energy schemes are massively important in Germany and other EU countries, whilst the UK lags far behind. 

Filmed by Park6 Productions for the charity Sustainable Wales, it features former MP Alan Simpson, Professor Calvin Jones and local groups and a superb soundtrack from Twm Morys.

Join us for a post-screening discussion with the Director, Editor and representatives of Community Energy Wales. 

Free but ticketed, drinks reception afterwards.

- See more at:

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7:30 PM19:30



Sustainable Wales is organising an election "Question Time" to take place in the Y Centre, YMCA, 25, John St., Porthcawl, 7pm – 9.30pm, FRIDAY, APRIL 15.

Invited to take part are the candidates in the BRIDGEND constituency. These include Carwyn Jones AM, First Minister of Wales, (Labour).

Chairman on the night will be Richard Thomas, Chair of Sustainable Wales.

For the charity, Robert Minhinnick said today:

“With the Assembly election on May 5 and the ‘In/Out of the EU’ referendum on June 23, we will experience a highly charged political spring.

“It’s therefore important that local people run the rule over competing candidates.

“All candidates will have one minute to describe why the audience should vote for their party.

“What’s crucial is that local issues are not drowned in any national political debate.

“These include local renewable energy initiatives, and how climate change is affecting our coasts.”

For further details of the "Question Time", contact Sustainable Wales

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10:00 AM10:00


To celebrate this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight social enterprise, SUSSED is offering Fairtrade freebies all fortnight.

Charity, Sustainable Wales are also holding an all-day Feel Good Fairtrade Breakfast and a Big Brew Afternoon Tea on Sat 12th March above SUSSED, 4-5 James Street, Porthcawl.

“Sample tasty tea, delicious coffee or decadent chocolate during the entire fortnight in SUSSED” said new Development Officer, Alexis Kirsten.

“On Sat 12th March, all-day, try our ‘non-greasy spoon’ natural breakfast, morning-coffees and our afternoon teas, offering nutritious fair trade goodies including: mueslis, porridge, homemade breads, jams, muffins, gateaux and cakes, coffees and teas. “

“They are not just good for you, they’re good for others too. It’s the tastiest way to give global farmers your support!” said Margaret Minhinnick, Director of the charity.

“Hard working farmers and labourers in developing countries endure challenging conditions, just so that we can tuck in to these delicious foods every day. Yet, ironically, they are sometimes paid so little that they can’t afford their own next meal. Buying Fairtrade means they’re treated fairly.” continued SUSSED Development Officer, Alexis Kirsten.

(updated: 20 Feb. 2016)

Fairtrade breakfast at SUSSED, Porthcawl

Fairtrade breakfast at SUSSED, Porthcawl

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Report on Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon Project at the Green Room
7:00 PM19:00

Report on Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon Project at the Green Room

VENUE: THE GREEN ROOM  above SUSSED 4/5 James Street, Porthcawl CF 36 3BG




Louise Strack Development Manager for Tidal Lagoon Power will be presenting a short summary and progress to date on the Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay project.  At 320MW installed capacity, Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon will be the largest marine energy development in the world.  A £1billion infrastructure project developed by Tidal Lagoon Power Limited, it will have an entirely predictable 495GWh output each year of clean, green electricity and will power more than 155,000 homes for 120 years – that’s about 11% of Wales’ domestic electricity.

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Launch of "Limestone Man" at Carnegie House
7:30 PM19:30

Launch of "Limestone Man" at Carnegie House

SEPTEMBER 25, 7.30pm. Launch of ‘Limestone Man’

by Robert Minhinnick, a novel published by Seren Books.  With music from Peter Morgan and guest readers.

At ‘Ty Carnegie’ (Arts Hub), Wyndham Street, BRIDGEND, CF31 1EF. FREE ENTRANCE

Sustainable Wales’s ‘Green Room’ performance space has its autumn 2015 programme lined up. More details

 All events usually take place at 5, James St., PORTHCAWL CF36 3BG on the last Friday of the month.

However, on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 7.30pm we move to Ty Carnegie (Old Library) Wyndham Street, Bridgend CF31 1EF, for the launch of Robert Minhinnick’s novel, ‘Limestone Man’ (Seren). Free entrance. 

The novel features a main character, Richard Parry, who returns to south Wales after teaching in Australia. He discovers his hometown is now notorious for the suicides of young people.

Parry is a ‘writer who cannot write, a painter who does not paint’. His obsession is Lulu, “an orphan off the street, an aboriginal green child.” Lulu was gone missing in mysterious circumstances.

‘Limestone Man’ is the second novel in Robert Minhinnick’s ‘Sea Holly’ series.

The performance will feature two voices plus space-age keyboards played by Peter Morgan. There will also be three guests at a special ‘Open Mic’ event. ‘Limestone Man’ retails at £9.99. available at SUSSED 

Review of Limestone Man at Wales Art Review "Limestone Man is a very fine novel written with a hypnotic style"

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Marine Life in the Bay - a talk about marine life in Swansea
6:30 PM18:30

Marine Life in the Bay - a talk about marine life in Swansea

If you enjoy the sea and the beach come along to our events & find out how you can help

Marine Biologist To Speak At The Green Room, James Street, Porthcawl

Learn About The New Swansea Bay Marine Wildlife Voluntary Code Of Conduct For Sea Users And Help Protect Marine Life In The Bay.

The free workshops are funded by the FLAG, (Fisheries Local Action Group) and will launch the new marine voluntary code for all sea users that has been developed by the Nature Conservation Team at Swansea County Council and Judith Oakley, Marine Biologist (Oakley Intertidal). 

The new marine wildlife voluntary code of conduct aims to help people interact safely with marine wildlife and help minimize disturbance to the fantastic sea life present within Swansea Bay.

Passionate marine biologist, Winter Dotto will lead presentations and discussions in the Green Room, above SUSSED, 4/5 James Street, Porthcawl, CF 36 3BG, 27th July, Neath Civic Centre 23rd of July and NSA Afan Employment Academy in Port Talbot 22nd July. 

She is currently working for the Swansea Environmental Forum on the Clear Streams Initiative and explains that "The events hope to draw attention to the new voluntary code of conduct for sea users and get people on board. I will also talk about marine recording, and how people can submit their sightings to their Local Authority Biodiversity Unit.” 

The code of conduct applies to recreational and commercial sea users across Swansea, Neath Port Talbot and Bridgend counties.  

Local marine biologist and author Judith Oakley will also be running sessions in Swansea on 22nd and 23rd July.  

Monday 27th July 2015 

Green Room at Sustainable Wales, James St Porthcawl CF36 3BG   No booking required 6.30-7.45pm

For Further Information Please Contact:  

Telephone: 01792 480 200

Voluntary Marine Code of Conduct Events.jpg
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Steve Griffiths reads from Late Love Poems at The Green Room
8:00 PM20:00

Steve Griffiths reads from Late Love Poems at The Green Room

Click title or image for more... Poet, STEVE GRIFFITHS, is the guest at Sustainable Wales’s Green Room, 5, James St., PORTHCAWL CF36 3BG on FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 8pm. Followed by an open mic. Steve will be testing some of his ‘Late Love Poems’, due from Cinnamon in 2016, the press that has published his last two books.

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