Bridgend: FREEDOM energy project - save up to £10,000 on a new efficient boiler!

Exclusive Invitation from Sustainable Wales for Bridgend County Borough

FREEDOM Project trials

24 households are being invited to take part in this FREE pilot Energy Saving Scheme located in Bridgend Borough this summer.  50+ homeowners are already taking part with PassivSystems limited places still available... Details below.

Margaret and Robert Minhinnick of Sustainable Wales have agreed to participate saving between £7-£10,000 on a new combi-boiler and air-source heat pump.

Please contact the company and send a copy to 

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PassivSystems are managing the world leading project based in Bridgend. It's trialling hybrid heating systems which is a combination of a gas boiler and air-source heat pump.

We are searching for a total of 75 homes in the Bridgend area.

There is a great incentive for homeowners to take part in the trial:

  • A free new state-of-the-art hybrid heat pump - this a gas boiler and a hybrid heat pump
  • Free installation 
  • A year of service and maintenance 
  • Smartphone heating controls – control your heating remotely and set when you want heating at more exact times for you
  • Potential savings on your heating bills.
  • Gift card rewards for taking part in project surveys and interviews.
  • The chance to reduce your carbon emissions and directly improve the Bridgend’s carbon footprint.

Installations will be taking place in July 2017, August 2017, September 2017 and October 2017. An installation typically takes 3 to 4 days, homeowners would be without heating and hot water for no longer than 4 hours (in the middle of the day) over that period.

PassivSystems will be monitoring the hybrid heat pump until April 2018, the project ends in May 2018.

The homeowner will not incur any costs or have to pay for anything. Once the project is complete, the homeowner will have to complete the annual service which is typical of all heating systems.

Download the following information (PDF):

Letter from Sustainable Wales

Info on the project

Homeowner's FAQ