South mid-Wales Fair Trade Nation focus group meeting

South mid-Wales Fair Trade Nation focus group  meeting Cardiff Tuesday 24 July 5.30pm-6.30pm, short walk from Cardiff Central Station at the Shree Kutchi Leva Patel Samaj, Community Centre, Mardy St, CF11 6QT Cardiff.

For an idea of the issues (there's no fixed agenda) see the online survey:


For more info:

Aileen Burmeister
National Coordinator | Cydlynydd Cenedlaethol

Fair Trade Wales | Cymru Masnach Deg

Hub Cymru Africa
Funded by Welsh Government | Ariennir gan Lywodraeth Cymru

02920 821 056 | 07772 032142

Temple of Peace, Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3AP 

Y Deml Heddwch, Parc Cathays, Caerdydd, CF10 3AP. 

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Winners of the Fair Trade Bake Off!

Local bakers grabbed their aprons and baked a cornucopia of fair trade cakes at the Bridgend Fairtrade Festival.

Bridgend County Fairtrade Partnership Fairtrade Festival ‘Bake-Off’ winners.

Event held at Carnegie House, Wyndham Street, Bridgend on Saturday 18th March.  

Judge Madeleine Moon, MP

Judging the bake off

Judging the bake off

Adult winners

First prize: Ann Lewis with a decidedly Welsh-looking Spicy Fruit Cake with Mocha Icing.

Winning Cake

Winning Cake


Second prize:  Liz Worthington with a delicious intensely Orange Gluten-Free Cake.

Gluten free

Gluten free

Children – under 15 winners

1st Prize: Juliet gardner with a clever heart-shaped Fair-trade logo-designed Dark Chocolate & Coffee Cake.

Second prize: was 3+3/4 years-old Ffion Bourke with a Chocolate Henry the Hedgehog Cake. 

The winner of the public vote was also Liz Worthington

(Prizes donated by SUSSED Porthcawl and Fairtrade Wales)


The Beautiful Game is only beautiful if there’s fair play all round.

L-R Jack Jones age 7, Samuel Johnson age 3 Lily Jones age 4, and Oliver Johnson age 7, celebrate Welsh Euro success with a fair trade football! 

L-R Jack Jones age 7, Samuel Johnson age 3 Lily Jones age 4, and Oliver Johnson age 7, celebrate Welsh Euro success with a fair trade football! 

SUSTAINABLE WALES Youngest Volunteers celebrate Wales’s Euro success by kicking around a fair-trade football by Bala Sport.

Football is the world’s most popular game, it unites people around the world. Yet almost half of the world’s footballs are hand-stitched in Sialkot, Pakistan. 

Around 40,000 people work in Sialkot’s football making industry, producing tens of millions of footballs annually for multinational companies such as Adidas – providers of the Euro 2016’s official footballs. 

Whilst making footballs drives the economy of Sialkot, the industry has a history of poor working conditions and low pay. 

Pakistan’s football makers are forgotten across the supply chain, living in poverty. 

70% of the world’s footballs are made in Sialkot. Annually 40 million balls produced, with 60 million in a world cup year.

In a sport where top players earn millions annually, there is a responsibility to protect workers receiving low pay.

Bala Sport is the UK's number one source for Fairtrade certified footballs.

Bala football at SUSSED, Porthcawl

Fairtrade guarantees that workers are paid a fair wage, benefit from fair working conditions. A Fairtrade premium is used for projects that include free healthcare.

One of Bala’s fairtrade footballs was kicked about by Lily, Jack, Oliver and Samuel, in expectation of a Wales Euro semifinal win. Let’s all help bounce fair footballs into the mainstream.

Find out more about the production of footballs: "Globalization in Pakistan: The Football Stitchers of Sialkot" an in depth article about the issues in this article in Der Spiegel (in English) 30% off until 10th July 2016 30% off until 10th July 2016


George Jabbour, Conservative candidate for Bridgend at the Senedd May 5 election, is the first electoral hopeful to visit Sustainable Wales’s ‘SUSSED’ shop in Porthcawl.

George Jabbour & Margaret Minhinnick discussing fairtrade SUSSED

George Jabbour & Margaret Minhinnick discussing fairtrade SUSSED

 Director, Margaret Minhinnick said: “All candidates, from Green to UKIP, Labour or other parties are urged to visit SUSSED, a community enterprise that specializes in local, organic and fairly traded goods.

 “We are delighted that George Jabbour has called in, and urge the others to do so by May 5. (See photo attached)

 “George is supportive of Fair Trade, and was pleased to help celebrate 'Fair Trade Fortnight’, which ends on March 13.  Mr Jabbour also purchased another pair of the shop’s unique bamboo socks, already an E Bay bestseller across the UK”

 George Jabbour, who is facing First Minister Carwyn Jones in the election this May, commented “I also attended the Fairtrade Breakfast at Trinity Church in Porthcawl.  The breakfast was organised by Porthcawl Fairtrade Town Partnership.  The event which took place last Saturday (5th March) morning was very successful with many local people participating”.

“As a community, it is important we support local enterprises and champion fair trading as this will bring more prosperity to everyone: the producers, the retailers and the consumers.”

Margaret Minhinnick added: “Community enterprise creates local jobs and enhances distinctiveness. Thus I challenge all the other candidates to pop in, share a cup of fair trade tea or coffee and convince our volunteers why we should vote for their party.”

More information: Margaret Minhinnick 01656 783962 / 773627