IWA Re-energising Wales update - ‘Funding Renewable Energy Projects in Wales’ roundtable

As part of its 'Re-energising Wales' project, the IWA held a roundtable discussion on Tuesday 6th June in order to explore and build consensus on how to take forward recommendations from the IWA ‘Funding Renewable Energy Projects in Wales’ report, launched earlier this year in April.

The roundtable benefited from a diverse group of experts from within and outside Wales, including financial institutions, Welsh Government, Welsh local government pension funds, developers, community groups and others.

The event note, which provides a summary of discussions and agreed actions, can be viewed here on the IWA website. 

The Clubb Doctrine; presumed consent for community energy projects

My first hands-on experience with renewables was at Sunseed in 2004 - David Clubb is Director of RenewableUK Cymru

I’ve been working in the renewable energy sector since 2004. Of the thousands of people I’ve met during that time, I’ve never encountered anyone who opposed community energy.

Even the anti-wind die-hards don’t object to community energy — as long as it’s not wind, natch.

You’d think that with widespread public, civic and political support for community energy it would be ubiquitous. But it’s not. Not even close.

Less than 10 MW of Wales’ 2,300 MW of renewable electricity is community-owned. That’s a miniscule 0.4%.

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