Listen to the Election Hustings Meeting in Porthcawl - Bridgend constituency

Candidates and representatives in the Bridgend constituency face questions from a lively audience in Porthcawl. This grassroots "Question Time" was organised by Sustainable Wales, ahead of the Welsh Assembly Government elections in May 2016. Chaired by Richard Thomas, Chair of Sustainable Wales. Present were candidates and representatives from all the main parties in front of an engaged and numerous audience. Thanks to the YMCA Y Centre in Porthcawl that hosted the event.

On the panel:

Green - Charlotte Barlow            
Liberal Democrat - Jonathan Pratt            
Conservative - George Jabbour            
UKIP - Caroline Jones            
Labour - Huw Irranca-Davies (for Carwyn Jones)            
Plaid Cymru - James Radcliffe

Listen to the audio recording here (this can also be downloaded from SoundCloud).

Also available are our Green Room Podcasts.


George Jabbour, Conservative candidate for Bridgend at the Senedd May 5 election, is the first electoral hopeful to visit Sustainable Wales’s ‘SUSSED’ shop in Porthcawl.

George Jabbour & Margaret Minhinnick discussing fairtrade SUSSED

George Jabbour & Margaret Minhinnick discussing fairtrade SUSSED

 Director, Margaret Minhinnick said: “All candidates, from Green to UKIP, Labour or other parties are urged to visit SUSSED, a community enterprise that specializes in local, organic and fairly traded goods.

 “We are delighted that George Jabbour has called in, and urge the others to do so by May 5. (See photo attached)

 “George is supportive of Fair Trade, and was pleased to help celebrate 'Fair Trade Fortnight’, which ends on March 13.  Mr Jabbour also purchased another pair of the shop’s unique bamboo socks, already an E Bay bestseller across the UK”

 George Jabbour, who is facing First Minister Carwyn Jones in the election this May, commented “I also attended the Fairtrade Breakfast at Trinity Church in Porthcawl.  The breakfast was organised by Porthcawl Fairtrade Town Partnership.  The event which took place last Saturday (5th March) morning was very successful with many local people participating”.

“As a community, it is important we support local enterprises and champion fair trading as this will bring more prosperity to everyone: the producers, the retailers and the consumers.”

Margaret Minhinnick added: “Community enterprise creates local jobs and enhances distinctiveness. Thus I challenge all the other candidates to pop in, share a cup of fair trade tea or coffee and convince our volunteers why we should vote for their party.”

More information: Margaret Minhinnick 01656 783962 / 773627