Listen to the Marine Pollution talk by Prof. Allan Williams

The marine pollution presentation by Prof. Allan Williams at the Green Room in October 2017 is now available as an audio podcast you can listen to in your browser (player for this episode is below) or download to listen later.

We have a range of different recordings of talks, events, and poetry all on our podcast page. All the podcasts can be found on this playlist at Soundcloud.

Free Renew Wales Regional event – ‘Sustainable, Resilient and Healthy Communities’.

A Renew Wales Regional event – ‘Sustainable, Resilient and Healthy Communities’.

Wednesday 21st September, 10am-3pm at Canolfan Gorseinon Centre, Swansea.

Organised in partnership with Swansea Environmental Forum, it is aimed at community groups and other third sector organisations in the South west Wales region.

A great combination of practical advice workshops, strategic information session and networking opportunities await you. 

Topics covered include food waste, renewable energies and growing and green spaces, together with a session from the Future Generations Commissioner’s Office on the Well-being of Future Generations Act.

Do you want to know more about:

  • the impact of the Well-being of Future Generations Act on your group
  •  how to reduce food waste in your community
  • the pros and cons of different Renewable Energy
  • community growing and green spaces

To book a place e-mail the booking form to or call 01792 480200

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To find out more see:


p.s. don't forget the Renew Wales Annual Conference in October

Contact Renew Wales for more information:

Tel: 01792 480200

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The Beautiful Game is only beautiful if there’s fair play all round.

L-R Jack Jones age 7, Samuel Johnson age 3 Lily Jones age 4, and Oliver Johnson age 7, celebrate Welsh Euro success with a fair trade football! 

L-R Jack Jones age 7, Samuel Johnson age 3 Lily Jones age 4, and Oliver Johnson age 7, celebrate Welsh Euro success with a fair trade football! 

SUSTAINABLE WALES Youngest Volunteers celebrate Wales’s Euro success by kicking around a fair-trade football by Bala Sport.

Football is the world’s most popular game, it unites people around the world. Yet almost half of the world’s footballs are hand-stitched in Sialkot, Pakistan. 

Around 40,000 people work in Sialkot’s football making industry, producing tens of millions of footballs annually for multinational companies such as Adidas – providers of the Euro 2016’s official footballs. 

Whilst making footballs drives the economy of Sialkot, the industry has a history of poor working conditions and low pay. 

Pakistan’s football makers are forgotten across the supply chain, living in poverty. 

70% of the world’s footballs are made in Sialkot. Annually 40 million balls produced, with 60 million in a world cup year.

In a sport where top players earn millions annually, there is a responsibility to protect workers receiving low pay.

Bala Sport is the UK's number one source for Fairtrade certified footballs.

Bala football at SUSSED, Porthcawl

Fairtrade guarantees that workers are paid a fair wage, benefit from fair working conditions. A Fairtrade premium is used for projects that include free healthcare.

One of Bala’s fairtrade footballs was kicked about by Lily, Jack, Oliver and Samuel, in expectation of a Wales Euro semifinal win. Let’s all help bounce fair footballs into the mainstream.

Find out more about the production of footballs: "Globalization in Pakistan: The Football Stitchers of Sialkot" an in depth article about the issues in this article in Der Spiegel (in English) 30% off until 10th July 2016 30% off until 10th July 2016

Britain's only "green gas supplier" to cut gas bills

Ecotricity is cutting gas bills for all UK customers by 7% from April 1 – it’s the biggest price reduction of any energy company in Britain so far.

Those with the provider’s standard variable dual fuel tariff and its gas-only variable tariff will benefit from the move – including those with prepayment meters.

Electricity-only customers will not see prices fall, and Ecotricity does not sell fixed-rate tariffs.

Which? verdict on Ecotricity

Last year, Ecotricity shared the top spot with Good Energy; this year it’s down to third place with a slight drop in customer score. 

Ecotricity: highly rated by Which?

Ecotricity: highly rated by Which?

Established in 1996 as a green electricity company, 100% of its electricity now comes from renewable sources. Its gas is promised to be frack-free (no shale gas), and Ecotricity says it has spent an average of £265 a year per customer on building new sources of green electricity over the past decade.

Ecotricity has a very simple tariff structure, offering just one tariff for electricity and one for gas, with no exit fees. Read the complete review at Which?



Have other providers cut bills?

The move by Ecotricity follows previous price cuts announced by the major energy providers over the last few weeks:

More on the price cut at Moneywise

Free guide to green electricity suppliers, from Ethical Consumer

About Ecotricity:

"Britain's Greenest Energy"

Green energy supply table (source: Ecotricity Jan 2016  Lifecycle emissions ) Click to enlarge

Green energy supply table (source: Ecotricity Jan 2016 Lifecycle emissions) Click to enlarge

"Green electricity is always going to be better for the environment than conventional electricity from fossil fuels and nuclear sources with their associated emissions and radioactive waste (which we still haven’t found a long term disposal solution for).

It’s this sort of electricity that The Big Six and most independent companies supply. But not all green electricity is equal- some sources of it have a lower impact than others.

As you can see from the table below the electricity we supply is the greenest of any company in Britain, by some way.

And since we’re the only company supplying green gas in Britain, we don’t need to do a lifecycle analysis to know that ours is the greenest. It’s currently 5% green, and that percentage will grow as we build our own Green Gas Mills – through our unique model, turning your bills into mills." - Ecotricity

To find out more or switch to Ecotricity, you can use the button below, or quote RAF-4AB73 online or over the phone if you sign up. We will receive a referral bonus if you sign up.