Response to Porthcawl Regeneration Plans

Last week Sustainable Wales joined the Climate Emergency Campaigns with a constructive challenge to Bridgend Borough Council.

“When will Porthcawl become a Low-Carbon Community?”

The challenge, outlined in a document  delivered to Chief Officers and Councillors,  is to see Bridgend Borough Council at the forefront of leading Porthcawl’s transition into a low-carbon community.

Porthcawl Regneration

Porthcawl Regneration

The charity’s response is submitted at exactly the same time that voices, from octogenarian Sir David Attenborough to  teenager Greta Thunberg, are being raised to describe our climate emergency, whilst student strikes and Extinction Rebellion demonstrations are occurring internationally. 

Sustainable Wales (SW) wants Bridgend Borough Council to build on its planning, energy and transport strategies and take a pioneering leadership role amongst local authorities.

“Our challenge seems ambitious, says Margaret Minhinnick, SW Director, “but reflect the bare minimum of what should be achieved by any regeneration of Porthcawl.” 

Sustainable Wales has welcomed Bridgend County Borough Council’s outline plans for the regeneration of Porthcawl. “The resort could be ‘on the cusp’ of great things” she continued.

“Porthcawl can showcase the way ahead. The resort’s regeneration provides it with perhaps the most exciting moment in its history.  Ongoing consultation with the community is therefore vital.”

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SW volunteer, Kristian Evans, a father of two young boys, says: “The ‘climate emergency’ is happening now. Our children will bear the consequences of our choices and we cannot ignore the scale of the challenges they are facing. Kicking the can down the road is not an option.”

"We urge BCBC to seize this opportunity to make our resort relevant”, Margaret and Kris say. “A ‘bog standard’ regeneration is not what the town requires or deserves."

The document, ‘Porthcawl: a low carbon future?’ is now available on-line, whilst copies  have been sent to relevant councillors and community action groups, such as Porthcawl Civic Trust, the resort’s Chamber of Trade, and BAVO.

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Press Release (Word docx).

Response Document from Sustainable Wales (PDF screen resolution).