just do something, even if it’s simply to say hello & share a smile

Frank O'Connor

It’s so easy to get frustrated with life and the society we live in.

Whether it’s our crazy fixation with consuming material goods to try and make us happy.

Or perhaps it’s the manner in which we waste resources and pollute the planet with such far-reaching effects.

Or perhaps it’s the way we let down so many of our wonderful people in so many ways.

And of course having a government full of politicians we can’t trust who are motivated by power and nourishing their ego rather doing good or admitting they are not up for the challenge does not help!

Along with big business that would rather ‘greenwash’ than really rectify the damage they have done to our planet and our people!

If we’re honest we’ve all been there at some stage.

What can I do? How can I make a difference?

When you get frustrated try and remember that you don’t have to accept the way things are.

Anything you do, however small it might be, can make a real difference.

To start with this could be simply saying hello and sharing a smile with everyone you meet.

It’s a start. You’ll feel better. And those who you meet will also benefit. And who knows what will happen next.

The main thing is to do something.

At Sustainable Wales we want to work with you to make things better.

We can’t wait for politicians to understand what integrity means or big business to put people before profit.

Let's lead the way from grassroots, one step at a time.

Each and every contribution we make individually and collectively can contribute to a better World for everyone.

Have a look at our campaign themes to see which ones particularly interest you. We’d love if you got in touch and worked with us to make things happen.