Let’s share more

Frank O’Connor

“The miracle is this, the more we share, the more we have.” - Leonard Nimoy

This quote really connects with me.

I’ve long believed that sharing leads to abundance.

I believe the more you share the more you free yourself up.

This is how I approach life.

This includes openly sharing yourself and what you have.

And there is a lot we can share.

For example we can share:

  • Information including facts, knowledge & experiences
  • Feelings including ideas, thoughts, values & attitudes
  • Expertise including skills & competencies  
  • Goods including property, transport, possessions, food & drink
  • Energy including inspiration, motivation, empathy & behaviours
  • Networks including contacts & connections

In openly sharing trust is key: from self-trust through to societal trust.

I believe that the more we share the more we can start to create a more equal society.

This process of openly sharing involves un-breaking habits conditioned through education and culture.

Let’s get out of our comfort zones and construct a new future where sharing became the norm.

Sharing is part of our strategic campaign themes. Feel free to have a look and see which ones particularly interest you. We’d love if you got in touch.